Apres Extend Gel Sensitive

Gel-X aprés' signature Extend Gel has just gotten even more nail friendly! The Extend Gel Sensitive is now available in a HEMA free formulation. What does that mean?
-less chance for allergic reactions
-less additives to the gel 
-more freedom to use Extend Gel confidently on a wide variety of clients!

Now anyone and everyone can confidently experience aprés' revolutionary Gel-X system without worry of allergy or irritation!

What You Get:

  • 15mL bottle of Extend Gel Sensitive 
  • Easy application/ applicator
  • Easy removal


It is important to note that HEMA in small amounts is not harmful or dangerous. HEMA is a monomer that improves adhesion and creates a stronger, more durable hold. And aprés takes care to carefully formulate each product with just the right ratio of every ingredient. HEMA under 20% in any product is considered safe. aprés' original Extend Gel has less than 1%. But there are many nail professionals who prefer HEMA free products and Aprés wanted to make that accommodation so that even more people can enjoy and use Aprés products!