Chaun Legend Collection - Sculpted Tapered Square XXL 250 pcs

ON SALE UNTIL 19 November 2021. Discount shown at checkout.

Get ready to have nails as flawless and killer as Kylie, Khloe, or Kim.

Chaun Legend, the master artist behind some of the most stunning Kardashian nail looks, is back with even longer nails than before! Together, Aprés has designed Chaun’s signature Sculpted Square Extra Extra Long. These signature Gel-X tips have that same beautiful shape but with added length. Gorgeous, perfectly sculpted nails is just one Gel-X tip away!

Style: Sculpted
Shape: Tapered Square
Length: Extra Extra Long

While Aprés' Sculpted line is considered their universal fit, it specifically caters to those with a more curved nail bed and a more pronounced C curve.