Nail & Hand Cleanse & Prep

Nail & Hand Cleanse and Prep has been formulated to clean and sanitiser hands and nails to completely remove polish, dust, dirt and oils, leaving a perfect surface for the application of polish or any type of enhancements. In a mist spray 125ml bottle to be used with the larger refill sizes, it is the perfect start for a reliable finish. 

Nail & Hand Cleanse & Prep is the smart salon alternative to prep the hands for any polish, acrylic or gel application. In combination with an effective Primer, Hand & Nail Prep is a one-step nail prep that removes nail polish, decontaminates the nail bed and improves the adhesion of nail enamel, acrylics and gels. It cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the nail surface. As a formulation with >90% alcohols, it has hospital grade antimicrobial action to help prevent nail infections. Specifically formulated for maintaining healthy cuticles and the skin surrounding the nail plate, it is lightly tinted and has a low odour finish. A natural nail surface cleanser and sanitiser, it is simple, economical and extremely effective. 

This product is not available for shipping. It can be collected only from Kyneton Vic.