Ageha Solid Gummy Products

Ageha Solid Gummy Extension - 10g

A new semi-hard type that can be lengthd from solid gummy!

It's hard to flow, so you can easily operate the excitement.

It can also be used for gummy art, and it is a material that is easy to shave even in a machine.

Ageha Solid Gummy Clear and White - 8g

Solid gummies that make it easy to create 3D art from ageha!
You can easily create a three-dimensional design with a solid type like gummy.
By combining it with mirror powder or color gel you have on hand, you
can expand the range of art such as ring nails and 3D, and it
can also be used to fix parts.

It is recommended to wear gloves when handling by hand. *It is not non-wipe. Please use non-wipe top gel for mirror powder, etc.

[Curing time] LED compatible: 30 seconds ~ / UV: 1 minute ~
(Curing time varies depending on the thickness of the design to be created)
[Capacity] 8g