Ageha Magnetic powder & wand/stick

MAG Powder can be used to create fantastic patterns and lines by mixing it with clear gel and applying it onto the nail. Use a special MAG stick (sold separately) close to it before curing. Great product to create cat eye look.

* For the clear gel to be mixed with MAG powder, we recommend a soft gel with texture such as ageha Gradation Clear Gel or Mixing Gel.

* To enhance the texture of the magnet, use a dark color (such as black) as the base color. The product image is used with black gel as the base.

Also, sold separately, the magnet stick exclusively for Ageha MAG powder: a 2-way type magnet.

First mix MAG powder with clear gel and apply it, then bring the MAG stick close to the gel before curing to create fantastic patterns and lines. 

Size: 98 x 14 mm