Presto Acrylic Bonder Gel

This Acrylic Bonder Gel is used to bond acrylic nail and Presto Gel. Apply one coat of Acrylic Bonder Gel on acrylic nails before applying Presto Clear Gel. When nails need to be repaired before applying Presto Gel system, acrylic repair is recommended instead of silk & wrap or other methods.(Curing time: 5 sec)

1.      After preparation, clean the nail plate with Presto Nail Cleanser.
2.      Buff the nail plate with 180/220 G Sponge buffer and sand the area with 150G Zebra file.
3.      File to shape the acrylic nail with 150G Zebra file.
4.      Dust off well.
5.      Apply one coat of Acrylic Bonder Gel only on acrylic parts and cure for 5 sec.
6.      Apply Presto Clear Gel to the entire nail following the basic procedure.