Ageha LED/UV Light NEW

Comes in a drawer-type box for convenient storage.

[Irradiation mode]

(1) Normal curing setting (irradiation time 20 seconds)

(2) High power setting that reliably prevents curing defects (irradiation time 30 seconds)

(3) Curing heat reduction setting that suppresses curing heat during gel curing (irradiation time 45 seconds) 

(4) Setting to simultaneously irradiate the wavelength of visible light and the wavelength of ultraviolet rays to suppress yellowing immediately after curing of the top gel (irradiation time 60 seconds)

Accessories included: AC adapter set, LED light curing table and mirror seal 

Size: Approx. 200mm x 137mm x 90mm

Weight: Approx: 360g

Light source: 16 LEDs (8 visible and 8 ultraviolet)

Power consumption: 25.8 W ± 10 % 

Power supply: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz

Output: 19Vbc / 1.36A ± 10%

THIS PRODUCT CAN BE ALSO PRE-ORDERED. Just email us to let us know which colour you would prefer. 

Please note that this product is made in Japan and sent via USA - so due to shipping costs it does not come with any warranty. Purchasing this product will indicate your acceptance of this.