Apres Artink Colours - Watercolour Tie Dye

Create beautiful watercolor tie-dye, marbling effects with water-based nail inks!
Use the aprés Blending Fluid as an eraser or blender to disperse the layers of colors to create a variety of different patterns. Art Ink works ONLY on matte surfaces. Please apply a layer of Aprés Non-Wipe Matte Top Gelcoat over color gel before applying ArtInk and seal your design with a layer of Aprés Top Gelcoat for a beautiful, glossy finish!
*aprés Artink Blending Fluid is not available as we cannot ship it to Australia due to being dangerous goods. We suggest trying a mixture of acetone and alcohol in ratio 30/60 percent.
Please note that two of the bottles were damaged in transit when one bottle was broken. Hence the reduction in price. The product is in perfect condition inside - just the label is not. Please bear this in mind when purchasing. Thank you.