These Britney Tokyo Brushes come in a variety of styles. Pick the one that's right for you - or get the whole set.

Here is some info about each style:

Cuticle EasyThis pink bristled oval brush is ideal to use when applying overall colour, especially by the cuticle line - hence the name, Cuticle Easy.

Teeny Tiny: Don't let the brush's name fool you. Although it is truly Teeny Tiny and the brush is thin, the material itself is stiff and has characteristics of PBT, which provides durability against gel viscosity. This brush is perfect for minute and complicated details. Tiny but mighty! 5 x 0.5 mm

Great Liner: This pastel green brush is as thin as Teeny Tiny but is even longer, suitable for delicate art and lining. 

Paint & MoreThis oval, pastel yellow brush is designed for both drawing lines and painting. Use the side surface to fill in with colour and the tip for line work. Can be used for painting and more! 

Square Head: It is a convenient, and pastel blue flat brush that can be used in various situations, especially for applying a base colour. This brush has enough length for both short nails and long nails. Definitely an ideal flat brush to use- Square Head won't let you down!