Hi Performance Acrylic Powder - MMA Free!

Hi Performance Acrylic Powder is  MMA Free, ultra fine, and is a fast setting powder that creates strong, crack resistant nails.  It provides a self levelling, easy to work with system that allows experts and students alike to get great results.

Colours available: Super White, Clear, Natural & Cover Pink.

Great value and odourless, Hi Performance Powder is a single polymer formulation (manufactured only with polyethylmethacrylate) that delivers excellent adhesion characteristics. Importantly the strength and hardness of the nails that result also show subtle flexibility to ensure the nails stand up to busy lifestyles. As this product is easier to remove, has great workability and sets quickly, client treatment times are reduced making this high quality acrylic system tremendous value for money.

For best results:

Nail Prep

  1. Wash and sanitize hands with Sanitising Gel.
  2. Apply a conditioning Cuticle Remover. Push cuticles and clean nail plates with appropriate tool or implement.
  3. Remove residue with Cleanse Away or Sterilising Solution.
  4. Buff nails to remove shine and remove all dust and residue.
  5. Prepare nail plates with Cleanse Away or Nail Prep Solution.

 Using Nail Tips with the Hi Performance Acrylic System:

  1. Choose the appropriate tip for your client.
  2. Apply one drop of glue to the well of the nail tip and apply tip to nail.
  3. Trim nail tips using a nail tip trimmer.
  4. Blend the tip seam and shape the edges of the nail tip to suit clients needs with a medium to fine grit cushioned file.
  5. Buff nails and tips and remove all dust particles and residue.
  6. Sanitize nails with Cleanse Away or Sterilising Solution and allow to dry completely.
  7. Apply one coat of Primer to the natural nail only and allow to dry completely.
  8. Place acrylic liquid into dappen dish.
  9. Dip the brush into the liquid and wipe the brush against the sides of the dish to remove excess liquid and draw a line into the powder to create a bead.
  10. Apply first bead to overlay nail tip or form free edge extension and perfect the smile line. Be sure to press the product firmly onto the nail plate to ensure an optimum seal between the acrylic and the nail plate. Tap the nails and listen for clicking sound, indicating that the product has cured.
  11. Apply a second bead at the stress area to cover the 2/3 of the nail plate and reinforce the extension.
  12. Apply a third bead to fill in the cuticle area and complete the nail plate overlay.
  13. Ensure a tiny free margin is left along the side walls and the cuticle area to avoid touching the skin.
  14. Blend and refine the product and then use a finer grit file to bring the product to a high shine.
  15. Remove any residue by wiping the nails with polish remover.
  16. Apply your favourite nail colour to finish.
  17. Apply a drop of Cuticle Oil to each cuticle and massage in.

To clean brushes after use with Hi Performance Acrylic Systems, use our Acrylic Brush Cleaner.