Makeup Brush Cleaner

Please note that some of the labels may be slightly damaged - hence the reduction in price. 

Fast dry Make Up Brush Cleaner with a light French Vanilla fragrance, formulated as a sanitising and protecting cleanser for removing dirt and excess makeup from cosmetic brushes.

The formulation is a clear, lightly fragranced thin liquid. The active ingredients dissolve even the most waterproof make up and sanitise the brush at the same time, removing dirt and makeup residue from both synthetic and natural brushes.

It is a highly effective cleansing and sanitising formula developed in consultation with professional make-up artists.

Instructions for Use
Spray onto a dry towel, tissue or cloth rather than directly onto the brush head. Gently rub the brush head over cloth until surface oil and dirt are removed. For natural-fibre brushes, sweep brush head in a back and forth motion. For synthetic brushes, use a circular motion. Note that synthetic brushes may have more oil build up and multiple applications may be needed for a thorough clean. For long term care of your brushes, here's a few tips from the experts:

  • For synthetic brushes, soap helps cut through the cosmetic oils and silicones.
  • Wet them thoroughly with water and rub them gently onto a bar of antibacterial soap then rinse them with warm water and wash one more time with a gentle shampoo.
  • After rinsing, squeeze them out gently with your fingers & lay them on a clean towel to dry.
  • Let them dry naturally and standing up so the shape is restored.